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Salutations, my name is Edward Goldbeck and I want to help you solve interesting challenges in ServiceNow. In the process I intend to reduce technical debt and mentor your teams to make and execute sound decisions in the platform. Let's connect and see if we're a good fit.

My Services

  • Reduction in disparate systems, technical debt and swivel chair data entry through automation, consolidation, integration

  • Personnel development via instruction, pair programming, mentorship

  • ServiceNow module, plugin and custom scoped application implementation, maintenance and enhancements

My Methods

I am a firm believer that "There is no failure, only results." I run my projects, teams and processes to that mantra. Have an idea? Talk it through with me. If we think it's viable let's give it a shot. If it isn't, let's figure out how to get it there or if it needs to get there. If we proceed and it doesn't go as expected, was it an issue of planning or execution?

The goal is not to equitably distribute blame or prestige, but to collect results, identify opportunities for improvement and iterate forward. If you'd like to know more, click the button below and let's discuss your use case.

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Selected Experience

  • Built IT departments from the ground up, leading up to 21 men and women across the US in compliance, development, engineering, support, and security roles

  • Integrated ServiceNow to Active Directory, Dynamics CRM, Office 365, JIRA, LogMeIn Central, Meraki MDM, SCCM, Talend ETL, Oracle Human Capital Management, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Workato, Yardi Voyager

  • Migrated customers to and from ServiceNow based on their needs as an organization, including JIRA, Zendesk and Spiceworks

Education and Certification

  • Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees in Computer Science fields

  • ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Cohort of July 2022

  • 15+ ServiceNow Certifications, including ServiceNow Certified Developer, Administrator, Implementer (ITSM, ITOM) and Suite Specialist

  • ServiceNow Certified Instructor for Foundations and ITSM

  • ITIL v3 and v4 certification

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